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NEW!!!   Turningpoint Rescue AnimaLover SearchTM - Loving Dogs That Change Lives

Brenda (founder of Turningpoint Rescue and lifetime animal lover) will personally search nationwide for an animal that best matches the information you provide.  Let Turningpoint Rescue do the work of looking through the shelters and ads for you!  Think of Brenda as your Personal Assistant, devoted to finding the right loving, intelligent dog for you.



This service is available only in the continental United States.


All prices are agreed upon prior to the comprehensive search, and only due if you and Brenda agree that the animal is a great fit for you!  The price of the service is simply the cost of the animal plus the actual costs of transporting the animal safely to you and a fixed "finders fee".


The full payment is due once an animal is located and you and Brenda decide that it is a great fit for you and before the animal is shipped to you.


The animal will be transported first to Turnngpoint Rescue for Basic Obedience Training (7-10 days) and animal compatibility  check.


Then your new pet will be safely transported to your location!

For additional details, contact Brenda between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm at: 682-209-4175 or contact us via e-mail at


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